Little Death 5

I have often used my own emotional experience to examine the erotic body and the morality/immorality of interpersonal connections. Through my work I have created a loose visual encyclopedia of psychological and physical responses to these subjects, believing that the universality of these responses will translate personal experience into something accessible to the collective. Nowadays, I find myself pouring through others’ physical documentation of primal connections. Most of my recent imagery is found through various internet searches or found photographs. I am most drawn to images that offer a glimpse of a singular relationship between the photographer and the subject, or between the subject and his or her erotic self. My work aims to breach the divide between the documentation and experience. It is heavy with desire - for intimacy, communication, for mutual validation of existence.

Working primarily with wet media on paper, and occasionally also in 3D and video, I enjoy the continuous struggle between what is planned and what is out of my control. Drawn to the unpredictable nature of liquid mediums and the spontaneous quality of working on paper, I often forgo polish in search of integrity. I find the materials I choose reflect the work’s humanity and vulnerability.