My bodies (re) claim themselves in physical experience. They are stripped and bared, often through sex; the physical and emotional laid open. The active viewer assumes the role of the onlooker, a silent witness to the intimacy of the subject. And thus the work raises questions, not in a search for certainty but as acts of exploration: What do we need from another being to validate our existence? What effect does a viewer’s presence have on the intimacy of these moments? What is the value of lust? As a whole this is about the creation and maintenance of relationships – each figure engaged in a singular relationship with each viewer, and with his/her own erotic self. When standing in front of these portraits in contemplation, viewers may find themselves in front of a mirror. Remnants of personal experience appear. My work aims to breach the divide between this documentation and the experience. It is heavy with desire for intimacy, communication, for mutual validation of existence.