For years I have used my own personal experience to explore the erotic and the morality/immorality of sex and interpersonal connections. In my work I have created a loose visual encyclopedia of my emotional and physical responses to these subjects and I have hoped that the universality of these responses would translate my personal experience into something relatable and understandable for the viewer.

Now raising my sights beyond myself, I find myself pouring through others’ physical documentation of sex and connection. Most of this imagery comes from nude photographs either in my own collection or found through various internet searches – think “middle aged and naked” or “hands gripping thigh” or “naked spanking man.” I’m less interested in mass marketed sexuality than I am in individual approaches to one’s own sexual nature. I am most drawn to images that offer a glimpse of a singular relationship between the photographer and the subject. That these photos exist implies that they were deemed worthy to look at and are perhaps even an accurate representation of the experience.