Little Death 5 (I Stole Your Nose)

Working primarily with wet media on paper and ceramics, Loren Erdrich enjoys the continuous strain between the planned and the fortuitous. Drawn to the unpredictable nature of liquid mediums and the spontaneous quality of working on paper, polish is often forgone in search of integrity. The materials chosen reflect the work’s humanity and vulnerability. Seen at once, her work is a mass accumulation of imagery that offers a glimpse of a singular relationship between the viewer and the subject, or between the subject and his or her erotic self. Sex is often the way in; it, like sleep, provides a few moments where we are momentarily bared – the physical and emotional laid open. Some images function as evidence not just of the act but also of the emotional residue left behind. In some images remnants of personal experience appear. Loren Erdrich’s work aims to breach the divide between this documentation and the experience. It is heavy with desire - for intimacy, communication, for mutual validation of existence.