My bodies claim themselves through their physicality. They present themselves laid open and bared. The viewer assumes the role of the onlooker, a silent witness. How does the viewer’s presence affect the intimacy of these moments? What is the value of lust? How do we validate our existence through our physical bodies? I ask these questions not in search for certainty but as acts of exploration. This is about the creation and maintenance of relationships – each figure engaged in a singular relationship with the viewer, and with their own erotic self.

To begin, an (emotional, physical, historical) experience is translated into a two-dimensional image, and then often re-imagined and eased back into the third dimension. Research for each body of work involves sifting through a mass of found imagery, each image offering its own glimpse of a human exchange.

The materials I choose reflect the work’s humanity and vulnerability. The flexibility, unpredictability and force of liquid mediums in water mirrors the same qualities in human existence. Remnants of personal narrative appear, however I aim to breach the divide between pure documentation and the actual experience.