Artist Statement & Bio

I am drawn to figures that suggest a struggle between control and mayhem: a condition I identify with. The color shoots over the page - the brush, the pigment and the figures precede me. I can’t catch up - they are in front of me. Water destroys the rigidity of the pigments and ground. Amidst these destabilized boundaries forms emerge, all the while appearing to move towards dissolution. I savor the push/pull between deliberate and unintentional movements.

This heightened liquidity allows me to sense myself in relation to the paintings and my source materials. It is a perpetual threshold state - the merging point between intimacy and menace, between interiority and intersubjectivity, between desire solicited and desire articulated, between private moments generated from Internet searches and physical encounters with paint. My relationship with process and final resolution are intertwined.

In her painting practice New York based artist Loren Erdrich explores desire through particular attention to agency, emotion and the senses. She creates works paper and fabric using water-based mediums, incorporating sculpture and video into her methodology as needed. Erdrich frequently collaborates with the poet Sierra Nelson in projects combining imagery and text. Together the two have co-authored the lyrical pick-your-path book I Take Back the Sponge Cake (published by Rose Metal Press) and produced an interactive poetic interpretation of the Tao de Ching in Seattle.