Artist Statement & Bio

Water, the ultimate disobeyer of boundaries, takes a primary material role in my process - synthetic and organic pigments and dyes are applied unbound, mixed solely with water, to canvas and muslin. Forms return to the third dimension through air dried ceramic works painted with water-based media. Whether it be clay, paper or fabric, forms simultaneously emerge and dissolve as water erodes the rigidity of the medium and ground. I savor the push/pull between deliberate and unintentional movements.

My relationship to and physical use of media informs my content: water gives rise to a world that celebrates fluidity. Porous boundaries are usually at odds with a society dependent on clearly defined borders to maintain order. Elements that cross boundaries, or don’t adhere to basic norms, are considered dangerous by the powers that be precisely because they are in fact powerful - they have the power to disrupt ingrained systems and structures. As a result, bodies that menstruate, give birth, are penetrated and suffer metamorphoses have long been portrayed as monstrous. Therefore, my work conjures an alternate view in which softness and vulnerability are celebrated instead of shamed. I reconsider porousness and malleability as forces of strength and connection.

I lean towards moments which dissolve the separation between outside and inside, me and you, this world and the other-worldly. Bodies merge with their environments through immersion, reflection, camouflage, and decay. At times flesh itself becomes a landscape in all its fragility, mutability and resilience. Each piece resides on a threshold - a merging point of interiority and intersubjectivity, of desire solicited and desire articulated, of existence and extinction.

Emotion is a liquid or liquefying substance that pours into a person and dissolves him.
Anne Carson

Let the body think of the Spirit as streaming, pouring, rushing, and shining into it from all sides.

Loren Erdrich has been awarded residencies at the Jentel Foundation, Santa Fe Art Institute, Sculpture Space, the Vermont Studio Center and thrice at Art Farm Nebraska. She has notably exhibited with Shrine, Harper’s, and the Spring Break Art Show in New York, Wasserman Projects in Detroit and Guts Gallery in the UK. Erdrich frequently collaborates with the poet Sierra Nelson, coauthoring the award winning I Take Back the Sponge Cake (published by Rose Metal Press) and Isolation (limited edition, 2020). She holds a MFA from the Burren College of Art at the National University of Ireland, a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania. Erdrich lives and works in New York, NY.

IG: @okloren