Artist Bio

Using organic and synthetic dyes and raw pigments mixed primarily with water on raw canvas and muslin, Loren Erdrich creates atmospheric images that drift in and out of focus and wholly embody the unpredictable nature and fluidity of water. Figures merge with their environments and at times disappear completely. Erdrich guides us into a realm existing somewhere between the tangible earthly world and the spiritual beyond.

Loren Erdrich is a painter living and working in New York City. She has notable exhibited with SHRINE, New York City; Harper’s, East Hampton, NY; Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles; Primary, Miami; Guts Gallery, London; and Wasserman Projects, Detroit, amongst others. Art Fairs exhibitions include a two-person presentation with SHRINE at the 2022 Armory Show; and the 2021 Spring Break Art Show. She has been awarded residencies at the Elizabeth Murray Artist Residency; Jentel Foundation; Santa Fe Art Institute; Sculpture Space; Vermont Studio Center; and thrice at Art Farm Nebraska. Erdrich frequently collaborates with the poet Sierra Nelson, coauthoring the award winning I Take Back the Sponge Cake (published by Rose Metal Press, 2012) and Isolation (limited edition artist book, 2020). Erdrich is represented by SHRINE in NYC.

IG: @okloren